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4. Flexisand Rolls -115mm Wide

4. Flexisand Rolls  -115mm Wide

A unique superior product with a flexibility and a crack resistance second to none.

Latex like without the cost implications. Ideal for contoured surfaces

Can be used dry on most surfaces including the following

             Paint  *  Plaster  *  Wood  *  MDF  *  Varnish

Product Name Grade Pack Net Price Basket
Flexisand P40 Box of 25 x 1m RollsEx CoarseBox of 25 £27.50
Flexisand P60 Box of 25 x 1m RollsCoarseBox of 25 £27.50
Flexisand P80 Box of 25 x 1m RollsMediumBox of 25 £27.50
Flexisand P120 Box of 25 x 1m RollsFineBox of 25 £27.50
Flexisand P180 Box of 25 x 1m RollsEx FineBox of 25 £27.50
Flexisand P40 x 5m RollEx CoarseSingle£4.68
Flexisand P60 x 5m RollCoarseSingle£4.30
Flexisand P80 x 5m RollMediumSingle£3.82
Flexisand P120 x 5m RollFineSingle£3.54
Flexisand P180 x 5m RollEx FineSingle£3.54
Flexisand P40 Tray of 12 x 5m RollsEx CoarseTray of 12 £50.30
Flexisand P60 Tray of 12 x 5m RollsCoarseTray of 12 £46.30
Flexisand P80 Tray of 12 x 5m RollsMediumTray of 12 £41.04
Flexisand P120 Tray of 12 x 5m RollsFineBox of 12 £38.10
Flexisand P180 Tray of 12 x 5m RollsEx FineTray of 12 £38.10
Flexisand P40 x 10m RollEx CoarseSingle£8.44
Flexisand P60 x 10m RollCoarseSingle£7.74
Flexisand P80 x 10m RollMediumSingle£6.73
Flexisand P120 x 10m RollFineSingle£6.47
Flexisand P180 x 10m RollEx FineSingle£6.47
Flexisand P40 Tray of 6 x 10m RollsEx Coarse6£45.32
Flexisand P60 Tray of 8 x 10m RollsCoarse8£55.48
Flexisand P80 Tray of 8 x 10m RollsMedium8£48.26
Flexisand P120 Tray of 8 x 10m RollsFine8£46.36
Flexisand P180 Tray of 8 x 10m RollsEx Fine8£46.36
Flexisand P40 x 50m RollEx CoarseSingle£38.40
Flexisand P60 x 50m RollCoarseSingle£34.20
Flexisand P80 x 50m RollMediumSingle£29.60
Flexisand P120 x 50m RollFineSingle£26.90
Flexisand P180 x 50m RollEx FineSingle£26.90
Flexisand P 40 x 50m x 4 RollsEx Coarse4 Rolls£138.40
Flexisand P 60 x 50m x 4 RollsCoarse4 Rolls£123.20
Flexisand P 80 x 50m x 4 RollsMedium4 Rolls£106.60
Flexisand P120 x 50m x 4 RollsFine4 Rolls£96.90
Flexisand P180 x 50m x 4 RollsEx Fine4 Rolls£96.90