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15. Wire Brushes - Power

15. Wire Brushes - Power

These high density hardened steel bristle brushes are for use with Power Drills or Angle Grinders.

For Preparation and Aggressive removal of materials from most surfaces.

Ideal for particularly heavy work such as thick layers of paint or corroded surfaces.

Product Name Grade Pack Net Price Basket
10mm Decarb BrushN/ASingle£2.65
50mm Circular BrushN/ASingle£2.00
75mm Circular BrushN/ASingle£2.30
100mm Circular BrushN/ASingle£2.50
Crimped Wire Brush 75mm M10N/ASingle£6.00
Crimped Wire Brush 75mm M10 1.25N/ASingle£6.00
Crimped Wire Brush 75mm M14N/ASingle£6.00
Crimped Wire Brush 100mm M14N/ASingle£8.00
Twisted Knot Wire Brush 80mm M14N/ASingle£7.00
Twisted Knot Wire Brush 100mm M14N/ASingle£9.00
Twisted Knot Wire Brush 120mm M14N/ASingle£15.00