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7. Emery Cloth Rolls -115mm Wide

7. Emery Cloth Rolls -115mm Wide

Hardwearing heavy duty Emery Cloth is manufactured using Aluminium Oxide grit attached to high quality cotton twill backing for long lasting effective use.

Can be used for polishing & deburring metals and rust removal on corroded surfaces. Used for sanding on various metals including

Brass *  Copper  *  Alloys  *  Steel  * Aluminum

Product Name Grade Pack Net Price Basket
Emery Cloth P180 x 1metre Roll Ex FineSingle£2.20
Emery Cloth P120 x 1metre Roll FineSingle£2.20
Emery Cloth P80 x 1metre Roll MediumSingle£2.26
Emery Cloth P60 x 1metre Roll CoarseSingle£2.30
Emery Cloth P40 x 1metre Roll Ex CoarseSingle£2.32
Emery Cloth P180 x 5metre Roll Ex FineSingle£7.30
Emery Cloth P120 x 5metre Roll FineSingle£7.30
Emery Cloth P80 x 5metre Roll MediumSingle£7.40
Emery Cloth P60 x 5metre Roll CoarseSingle£7.60
Emery Cloth P40 x 5metre Roll Ex CoarseSingle£7.82
Emery Cloth P180 x 10metre Roll Ex FineSingle£13.56
Emery Cloth P120 x 10metre Roll FineSingle£13.56
Emery Cloth P80 x 10metre Roll MediumSingle£13.78
Emery Cloth P60 x 10metre Roll CoarseSingle£14.22
Emery Cloth P40 x 10metre Roll Ex CoarseSingle£14.78
Emery Cloth P180 x 50metre Roll Ex FineSingle£64.00
Emery Cloth P120 x 50metre Roll FineSingle£64.00
Emery Cloth P80 x 50metre Roll MediumSingle£66.00
Emery Cloth P60 x 50metre Roll CoarseSingle£72.00
Emery Cloth P40 x 50metre Roll Ex CoarseSingle£75.00