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14. Foam Sanding

14. Foam Sanding

Foam blocks  - Foam block coated with Aluminium Oxide on four sides and are ideal for flat areas

Small (98 x 68 x 25mm),  Large (225 x 85 x 25mm)  &  Angled (125 x 75 x 25mm).

Contour Pads (123 x 98 x 12mm) - Extremely flexible (sponge like), coated on two sides with Aluminium Oxide grit & adapts well to awkward and contoured surfaces.

Foam Blocks & Contour Pads are a good alternative to traditional sandpaper, great for awkward areas and can be used wet or dry on most surfaces including metals, plastics & paintwork.    

                             Washable  &  Reusable

Product Name Grade Pack Net Price Basket
Foam Sanding Block Small - Fine/MediumFine / MediumSingle£0.95
Foam Sanding Block Small - Medium/CoarseMedium/CoarseSingle£0.95
Foam Sanding Block Angled - FineFineSingle£1.38
Foam Sanding Block Angled - MediumMediumSingle£1.38
Foam Sanding Block Angled - CoarseCoarseSingle£1.38
Foam Sanding Contour Pad Pack 3 - FineFine3£2.39
Foam Sanding Contour Pad Pack 3 - MediumMedium3£2.39
Foam Sanding Contour Pad Pack 3 - CoarseCoarse3£2.39
Foam Sanding Contour Pad Pack 3 - AssortedMixed3£2.39